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Orphan Education Project

Orphans deprived of educational opportunities and financial possibilities are waiting for your support to continue their education.
Educational Support Project for Orphans
Believers are custodians to one another and they have to remember this task and remind that to each other in times of hardship. This project aims to support the downtrodden orphans of the Islamic geography in holding on to life, restoring their hopes for the future, and becoming a leader in their community. Project Countries The project aims to support 2,500 orphans in three years. The first phase includes Turkey (81 provinces), Palestine, the Balkans, Syria, Burkina Faso, Ghana and Mauritania.
New countries will be included in the following period after the first phase. Content of the Project Educational Support Project for Orphans aims to provide the orphans, who are deprived of educational opportunities and financial possibilities, the opportunity to continue their education; and to help them become an educated and enlightened member of their communities. The goal is to provide opportunities to the orphans who aren't able to continue their education due to poverty and lack of possibilities, ensure that they can continue their education, then monitor the progress. Covering most of the countries in the Islamic geography, the project is designed like this: A group of 10 different donors will support a group of 10 different orphans.
Thus, one donor will make a monthly donation of TL 150 (€ 19 / $ 22) and support 10 orphans. Donors will receive information about the orphans as well as their educational status. The support and donations received from the donor are delivered on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis, depending on the conditions of the region.

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