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Imam Training Project

The project aims to train Imams who serve at Kumasi and its surrounding villages for a period of 6 months in order for them to lead the people in their villages about Islamic sciences. The pilot project will be conducted with Turkey Diyanet-Sen for a year in Kumasi and its surroundings. After this initial implementation, the project will be conducted in several countries in Africa. The field research in that area revealed the inadequacy of the religious officials. The project is planned to be conducted together with Diyanet-Sen, and it aims to ensure that the religious officials will gain competence with the training and provide more efficient religious service in their regions. The officials will receive training in groups of a hundred and 6 months of training for an official is USD 900. Therefore, the project requires a budget of 900*100 = USD 90.000.

Water Wells

We drill water wells in regions suffering from drought, especially in African countries where the situation is severe.
May You be as Precious as Water (a Turkish saying)
Just as the blood in our veins is important for our survival and health, the water is just as important for all the living, or even the non-living. People can only live comfortably in places that have an abundant and clean water supply. Plants and animals, whether wild or domesticated, can live thanks to water. In our world, clean water supply networks are disrupted due to seasonal changes, natural phenomena, severe drought, adverse health conditions, floods, earthquakes, etc. and this creates many problems. Lack of access to clean water supplies leads to epidemics and infectious diseases which make the resulting health problems worse, disabling people and confining them to bed, or increase the number of deaths in the worst case.
How can I open a water well?
Upon contacting Gevher, the donors who want to open a water well are given detailed information by the staff. The regions where wells are most needed and the respective costs of drilling are presented to the donors for their choice. The donors give names to the wells as they please and the crew in the region takes action accordingly. Each phase of the drilling is recorded in pictures. A plaque with the donors name is hanged on the well once it's completed.
A picture of the finished well is then sent to the donor alongside a letter of thanks.
Countries Where We Drill Water Wells and the Costs
Bangladesh US$ 1.500
Afghanistan US$ 2.000
Pakistan US$ 2.000
Yemen US$ 3.500
Somalia US$ 4.000
Mauritania US$ 6.000
Sudan US$ 6.000
Protecting and Repairing the Wells The organization's staff regularly check the water wells and carry out the repairs and maintenance.