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21 Sep 2018

Imam Training Project

The project aims to train Imams who serve at Kumasi and its surrounding villages for a period of 6 months in order for them to lead the people in their villages about Islamic sciences. The pilot project will be conducted with Turkey Diyanet-Sen for a year in Kumasi and its surroundings. After this initial implementation, the project will be conducted in several countries in Africa. The field research in that area revealed the inadequacy of the religious officials. The project is planned to be conducted together with Diyanet-Sen, and it aims to ensure that the religious officials will gain competence with the training and provide more efficient religious service in their regions. The officials will receive training in groups of a hundred and 6 months of training for an official is USD 900. Therefore, the project requires a budget of 900*100 = USD 90.000.

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